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Fall City in the Valley of the Moon
Margaret McKibben Corliss
This classic by "Peggy" Corliss, first published in 1972 is a fourth printing, a compilation of what the author describes as "interviewing people, reading books (about the area), clipping, writing and typing." Those she interviewed included many of the pioneers still alive when she came to Fall City at age 6. For the preceding 1998 edition, Audrey Schroeder took on the task of typing the 1978 reprint into Word and creating an index. Working from that computer file, with a few minor layout changes for clarity and using historic photographs and negatives from the Museum for freshly prepared plates, the 2004 good looking edition is $28 including sales tax.
$28, tax included.
8-1/2"x11" 159 pages plus index, black and white photos, paperback.

History of Snoqualmie Valley
by Jan Hagstrom Gifford & Kenneth G. Watson 2006
Published by the Snoqualmie Valley Historical Museum
Begun as a joint effort a few years ago, local teacher Jan Gifford took over the project - writing, formatting, adding historic maps, photos and many of her authentically detailed drawings of tools and other artifacts. The result is a book, written for use in teaching fourth grade students about this area's history, but also a remarkably interesting, engrossing read for all ages. It starts with the geology of the area and moves forward through its settlement and development into the early 1930's. Woven into its chapters are native American legends along with the stories of families who settled here during the westward expansion of our country - and much more.
$20, tax included.

A History of the Snoqualmie Valley
By Ada Snyder Hill ~ Seventh Printing 2016
Founder of the Snoqualmie Valley Historical Museum, Ada Snyder Hill left a wonderful legacy to all who call this beautiful Valley home, when she wrote and generously gave to the Museum the copyright to her A History of the Snoqualmie Valley, published in 1970. In it the biographical sketches of "the early settlers" are of those who came here prior to 1880; the "later settlers" sketches tell of those who arrived between 1880 and Dec. 31, 1889. All are recognized as pioneers for two reasons. One, in her book's Foreword Mrs. Hill wrote: "after the railroad was running it seemed that the real pioneer days were over." Two, and most convincing, Dec. 31, 1889 is the end date set for those who may belong to the Washington State Pioneer Society.
Seventh printing.
$20, tax included.
8-1/2"x11" 161 pages plus index, black and white photographs, paperback.

Jack's History of Fall City

by Jack E. Kelley with Ruth Pickering
© 2006
Writing this book truly has been a labor of love for Jack Kelley. Born at the Snoqualmie Falls Hospital in 1929, he "came home to Fall City five days later." His parents - Jesse Kelley and Attie Burns Kelley - both came to Fall City with their families soon after the turn of the 20th Century. In Jack's words, "both families loved the quaint little town." Clearly, so does Jack. His 550 page book is based on researching the early families, using published genealogies, census and land records. Copies of some of the documents, along with many photos make this a page-turner.
$65, tax included.

Memories of a Mill Town
Snoqualmie Falls, Washington 1917 - 1932
by Edna Hebner Crews, 1984
Snoqualmie Valley Historical Museum
What Edna Hebner Crews has written is a wonderfully detailed account of daily life in the early years of the 20th century. As you read it, remember that she faithfully relates life growing up in a Mill Town from the perspective of a child. Indeed, your memories may differ. But these are her reflections. Her story was typewritten and illustrated with her hand drawn sketches of each of the three houses they occupied during the years 1917 - 1932 when they lived at Snoqualmie Falls. Family snapshots were pasted on a couple of pages incorporated into her original."
$20, tax included.
157 pages, paperback

Mill Town
by Ray Banks, 1995
Franklin Press
Ray Banks grew up in Snoqualmie Falls with, as stated in the "about the author sketch" in his book, two ambitions: "to get away from the constraints of the town and to go to college." He achieved both, graduating from the University of Washington in 1938, and then serving a distinguished career in the United States military, retiring from the Army as a Lieutenant Colonel in 1963. Mill Town, published in 1995 is a novel about life in a mill town, set in Snoqualmie Falls. "The location is real, but it has not been named," in the author's words. He adds, "This story is pure fiction. Some of the characters may seem to be recognizable, but they do not and did not exist…."
$10, tax included.
491 pages, paperback

Mythology of Southern Puget Sound
Legends Shared by Tribal Elders
The Snoqualmie Valley Historical Museum published this book in 1999, a reprint of the 1929 publication recorded, translated and edited by Arthur Ballard, with additional material by Kenneth G. (Greg) Watson. (It is a complete replication of the historic 1929 University of Washington publication.) In the Preface dated July 26, 1929, Arthur Ballard relates that the narratives he recorded mostly in the native tongue were obtained chiefly from Indians of King and Pierce counties, "during and since the year 1916." The Snoqualmie Tribe provided the Cover image - Detail of 1914 Panorama Treaty Day Celebration at Tulalip. Funding, 4Culture.
$20, tax included.
8-1/2"x11" 140 pages, paperback.

The Museum's newest publication! Chapters include Early History, Anecdotes, Business History, History of Transportation, Medical Practice, Government, Education, Churches, Organizations, and more. The original document was typewritten and mimeographed with two hand-drawn illustrations. For this re-publication, volunteers have digitized the text, transcribing it word for word. Many photos have been added, bringing the original 69 page book to a total of 118 pages. This is a valuable addition to the Museum's growing selection of books and a must-read if you live in the Snoqualmie Valley and/or are interested in local history. Published 2008.
$20, including tax
8-1/2"x11" 140 pages, paperback.

Riverside Reflections
By Harley Brumbaugh ~ 1997
Poetic Moods From the Valley of the Moon. Harley Brumbaugh ~ 1997 Poetry by musician, composer, and educator who grew up in the mill town of Snoqualmie Falls. Titles include "Exotic Boxcars of 1944", "A Valley Woman Sings - 1873", "Mount Si Pageantry" and many others.
5"x7-1/2" 116 pages, paperback

Sarah Pulliam Diary
Published by the Snoqualmie Valley Historical Museum, 2007
The Pulliam Diary is the record of Sarah Pulliam's trip here with her family by covered wagon. It is a great story- a family's big dream, a hopeful start, companions and fellow travelers, wagons and teams, the daily search for water and wood, wildflowers, storms, and, for a Midwesterner, the discovery of such wonders as porcupines, mountains and fir trees ten feet across. The diary presents a collection of very human characters, a winding plot, keen descriptions of the Western landscape and then, suddenly, a stunning conclusion.
$20, tax included.
8 1/2" x 11", 97 pages, paperback

Snoqualmie Valley Journal
by Jan Hagstrom Gifford 2006
Published by the Snoqualmie Valley Historical Museum
Another book written by the talented and prolific Jan Gifford is Snoqualmie Valley Journal. She explains in the Foreword that "e;many of the events took place, but this is a work of fiction."e; It tells about life in the early days in the Snoqualmie Valley as it might have been seen through the eyes of a child - and it does read as though a child were jotting down thoughts in a diary - or journal. It is a charming little book, beautifully illustrated with Jan's elegant, detailed drawings.
$8, tax included.

Video Tapes

Dreams in the Wilderness
Stories from the Middle Fork is a 25-minute documentary film about history in the Middle Fork Valley near North Bend, Washington. The film takes the viewer up the valley along the hiking trails that follow the river while exploring four stories which played out in the Valley from 1890 to the 1950's. The film uses over 160 historic photographs (many being published for the first time), clips from a 1931 silent film on logging, narration from loggers in the 1920's and 1930's, in conjunction with modern film of the valley and relics of those bygone days.
$21.75 tax included.

The video Snoqualmie Falls Mill Town Images is now available on DVD. This video, a history of the mill town, woods and mill operations, has been available on VHS tape since 1997. It was created (with music by Harley Brumbaugh) specifically for the "vanished" mill town of Snoqualmie Falls reunion on August 2, 1997 at Mount Si High.
$20, tax included.

Other Items

Snoqualmie Valley History Magazine
The Snoqualmie Valley Museum Magazine
The magazine published by the Snoqualmie Valley Historical Society, replacing the usual Summer Newsletter, has had overwhelmingly positive response from our members and other readers. The color format allows longer articles, wonderful photos of artifacts from the collection, and fascinating feature articles. For example, "Families on HOrseback", "North Bend in 1909", "Gold Star Servicemen", and "The Middle Fork Valley Inspires Two Dreams" .
Magazine (available years: 2009, 2012, 2013, 2014) - $5.00 including tax
Some editions are no longer available in print,
but you may download the PDFs by clicking on the year. (FREE!)

2008 Magazine
2010 Magazine
2011 Magazine

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© 2002 William J. Walker.
Our T shirts are Haines Hefty Tee's, 100% cotton. All T shirts have a gray background and feature scenes of the valley in black and white from our collection of historic photographs.
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All our books, videos, and other items are available for purchase in our Museum Shop during Museum hours.

To mail order: Please contact us by email: to arrange purchase.

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